*** Beware of Vishing Scams *** 

*** Beware of Vishing Scams *** 

Credit Unions have been notified of a new “vishing scam” whereby persons are receiving calls from mobile phone numbers with a recorded message stating the caller is from the “Garda FIU” and that “suspicious transactions” have taken place on “your account”.
The recorded message requests the person to “dial 1” to rectify the issue.
The calls, which are obviously not from FIU Ireland, are coming from various mobile numbers.
Members please be vigilant.

Members of the public have also been receiving SMS messages asking them to click on a link to review a “Docusign Document”. The link then seeks to determine details of your email account, thus compromising that account.

Do not click on any link you were not expecting to receive.

If you were expecting a contract for signature by Docusign, check back with the instruction you are expecting it from before you complete it.