Member Notice – AGM 2020

Member Notice – AGM 2020

Member Notice

2020 Annual General Meeting

Due to COVID-19 Restrictions we are unable to hold our 2020 Annual General Meeting until 2021.

Members will be given the Time, Date & Venue once we are in a position to communicate an update.

The Board of Directors at CSDCU will not pay out any surplus to members for 2020, this is in line with the Central Bank guidelines, and I quote:
“For 2020 year-end, the Registry of Credit Unions expects priority to be given to the maintenance and building of reserves over the payments of any distribution to members. Accordingly, we do not expect that proposed distribution (Dividend or Loan Interest Rebate) would feature in the 2020 financial year”

Wishing all our members a Safe and Happy Christmas and Healthy 2021.

Virtual AGM 2020
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